Spanish Teacher and Creator Online Positions

happy asian student with teacher in classroom

Teach and Sell on Our Bilingual Marketplace Our new, bilingual online marketplace is looking for teachers and/or authors to join us. Beelingual is a place just for bilingual families, students, and teachers to connect. Visit the F.A.Q. page for new teachers here. We already have instructors from over 10 different countries signed up. Our intention … Read more

Spanish Proficiency Rubric for Level Testing

I was looking for a Spanish language proficiency exam for a student who enjoys grammar more than most. I was shocked to find that there really wasn’t anything available. How could that be?

Chrome Extensions for Spanish – My Top 3!

Extensions for Spanish

What are extensions? They are helpful, free programs which you download from the Google Web store. You can access them through your Chrome browser either next to the address bar or through the main menu. Think of extensions as apps for your computer. There are many programs available – but these are my favorites to … Read more

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