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Teach and Sell on Our Bilingual Marketplace

Our new, bilingual online marketplace is looking for teachers and/or authors to join us. Beelingual is a place just for bilingual families, students, and teachers to connect. Visit the F.A.Q. page for new teachers here.

We already have instructors from over 10 different countries signed up. Our intention is to provide a worldwide marketplace for English and Spanish students.

Spanish Teaching Resources are in Demand

I always ask my students: What is the second most common language in the world? Of course, they always say English. And it’s not actually. It’s Spanish (In case you’re curious about #1, it’s Chinese).

But I can tell you after over a decade of teaching both English and Spanish languages, there is a huge difference in the quantity and quality of language learning materials available.

Remote Spanish Teaching Jobs for U.S. Students

Spanish is more widely spoken than English. So, why is there 100 times more competition and more resources for the English language?

Over the last few years, I found myself teaching mostly Spanish classes (even though my degree is in English language teaching). But, there’s just so much less competition, that it made sense.

Think about that for a second. There are 21 Spanish-speaking countries and no shortage of teachers living there. Not to mention, much of Latin America has access to high speed internet today. Why limit ourselves to only platforms that operate in the US?

Why do we NEED a New Marketplace?

The idea for this platform came from our own family, of course. More specifically – What we often try to find when looking for classes for our daughter.

Unfortunately, there is a massive difference in the amount and the quality of resources available in English, for English as a second or foreign language learners, and the same options in Spanish.

We would like to help bridge the gap between language learning materials by providing as many courses and classes as possible, equally in both languages. Additionally, in the future, we would love to add more language combinations to the mix.

Why Bilingual Families are Different

It’s important to us to have resources available in both English and Spanish because bilingual families often have to balance both languages. The balance needs to be equal in order for them to develop at the same pace.

I can’t tell you how many times as a parent I have stumbled across an amazing class that my daughter would absolutely love, only to find out that it’s in the wrong language. Or that it’s available in one language but not in the other one.

Because if my daughter is going to enjoy a class in Spanish, I know that I will go back to the same teacher for her to take the class in English as well.

It’s very hard to find quality instructors and materials. Therefore, having them both in one place is only going to make it easier for families and students.

Outschool Offers Live, Group Classes

Yes, there are a number of platforms already available for live online classes, online courses that are asynchronous, and selling materials.

For example, one website that has gotten a lot of traction over the last year has been Outschool. However, Outschool is limited to teachers who are based in the United States. This excludes the vast majority of Spanish-speaking teachers.

It also affects the prices of classes, making them only affordable for students in the U.S and a handful of other countries. Only students who are under 18 years old are able to take classes as well.

Therefore, if a teacher wants to have adult version of their classes, it’s not possible on the platform. They have to list the same classes on an additional platform instead (which many do).

Nor do they have any sales of materials or lessons. Those have to go on a 3rd platform. Meaning that parents and students never even know they are an option.

Udemy and Skillshare: The Giants for Adult, Asynchronous Courses

There are a few popular options for online courses for adults that are not live, such as Udemy and Skillshare. Both of these options are worldwide and have an endless amount of options available.

However, if you look at the languages, you will find there is usually 10 to 20 times more options in the English language than in Spanish. Topics are strongly geared towards adults, working professionals, and do not include K-12 subjects.

For my husband, we were really excited to find a smartphone photography course in Spanish on Udemy. But it turns out that it wasn’t actually in Spanish.

The videos had auto-generated subtitles in Spanish. None of the materials themselves were actually translated, and were left in English. Which was disappointing to say the least.

Airbnb Has Live Experiences for Adults

For live classes for adults, a recent option is actually from Airbnb. Airbnb now hosts experiences. They have really fun and entertaining topics where adults can interact with instructors from all over the world. Experiences are available to learn cooking, take tours of a city, or just be entertained.

Unfortunately, pretty shortly after this became an option, Airbnb stopped accepting applications for new experiences. So the amount of experiences that you will find on their website is pretty limited overall. Additionally, the price is high compared to other online platforms. Most experiences are at least $20-$30 per hour per student, in larger groups.

Teachers Pay Teachers is the Standard for Teacher-Made Materials

When it comes to selling materials, Teachers Pay Teachers is by far the most popular option. I don’t have anything bad to say about TPT because I myself have a store on there.

I think they do a very good job at providing a way for instructors to make extra money by doing something that they were already doing anyway. They also help teachers with marketing and other business topics, which is knowledge they have for life.

They have all academic subjects from preschool to adult learners, every level, and type of resource imaginable. Millions are listed on their platform.

On the other hand, if you do a search and try to find bilingual materials, you will only find 1,000 or so on the entire platform. If you do a search for ESL Materials, you’ll find over 200,000 options by comparison. This is probably a result of the website being popular only in the U.S.

No Platform Focuses on Teaching and Learning Languages

Right now, the current platforms available to teachers and sellers include all subjects and topics. Many bilingual parents complain that it takes them hours to browse through classes in order to find what they need.

Additionally, there is no platform which combines live classes, online courses, and materials. That means that parents and students don’t get to see all of the materials and options that you have available if you are listing on more than one platform website.

By providing a bilingual marketplace, and opening it up to instructors located all over the world, we are giving teachers in different countries the opportunity to offer their products at prices that are more accessible for families.

But it also gives English and Spanish language teachers the opportunity to provide a product that a lot of people are looking for, and we’re not finding. You have to dig so far through the different search results on these platforms and you never find anything equally represented in English in Spanish.

Also, since we are focusing on language learning in English and Spanish, we can better meet the needs of our customers and save them time when it comes to finding quality bilingual resources and class options.

Classes and Courses are Taught with 100% Immersion

Another unique aspects of our bilingual marketplace is that we provide classes and courses and classes 100% in the target language. They are less instructional (with regards to grammar rules and memorizing), and much more demonstrative, interactive, and based on student performance (as opposed to traditional paper assessments).

In other words, the classes that you will find here are ones just like English and Spanish speakers would take in their native languages.

Teach Group Classes Online for Better Outcomes

It’s impossible to learn a language without interaction. This is one of the reasons that the quarantine/coronavirus situation has been especially detrimental to bilingual students, immersion and dual language students. Because if they don’t keep up the level of interaction that they had before the situation, they risk losing all the progress that they have made so far.

Therefore, on our platform, we are promoting group classes. If students are learning in small groups, they have the benefit of more personalized instruction from the teacher, but also the interaction and socialization with other students and peers.

We encourage parents and students to reach out on our forum if they’re looking for private tutoring or otherwise need a one on one classes. They can arrange that directly with any tutor or teachers that they would like, without penalty from the platform.

By offering this option, parents won’t have to spend time browsing through tutoring courses when really they’re looking for group and interactive classes.

Earn Passive Income as a Teacher/Author

One of the most exciting things about this platform is the opportunity to earn passive income. Two of the three products that are available to teachers are online (asynchronous courses and original materials).

The online courses still have a level of interaction, but it’s able to be done on the teacher’s timeline, making it mostly passive, with the active part being as flexible as possible for both teachers and students.

Having flexibility and passive income opportunities during this time is really important. Teachers, like my husband and I, with small children at home, without access to face-to-face schools or daycare options, are very limited in their scheduling.

There are families and students that are in the same position. They need the flexibility of being able to take an asynchronous class online. At the same time, they also want the interaction and feedback from a teacher.

What Type of Bilingual Classes Can I Teach?

Literally, anything you want! But here is a list of popular subjects to get you started: art, music, cosmetology, crafts, sewing, knitting, exercise, yoga, dance, sports, Zumba, cooking, baking, academic subjects, virtual field trips, story-telling, finances, business, computer-skills, wine-tasting (adults only), etc.

See an example live cooking class description here.

Spanish and English immersion options online for families/siblings/couples, homeschoolers, preschool and kindergarten, adults, dual-language students, etc. are all being searched for online, but there is nothing currently available to meet the demand.

Create your instructor account here.

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