Veracruz Spanish Slang / Palabras Jarochas

Travel anywhere in the world, and you will see that every region, even every city has their own words and phrases. I mean, after all – so do we. For example, in Philadelphia, where i grew up, we say words like hoagie and soda. Other parts of the country say subs and pop. However, none … Read more

Spanish Language Games (for Adults!)

Learning a new language can really be all fun and games, especially if you try out these childhood favorite. Build your vocabulary, improve speaking and listening skills through authentic interaction, all while you spend time with friends and family. SCRABBLE I absolutely love this game in Spanish! It helps you think in Spanish and you … Read more

Pinterest has Spanish Materials? Yes!

Wait… what? Pinterest? Yes! Absolutely! To begin, I discovered that Pinterest was not just for DIY projects and weddings last year. For instance, I am embarrassed to admit that I have had more than one all-nighter pinning (is that a verb?) visuals. For example, to use in my Spanish courses, or with particular students. But … Read more

Mexico: How Much Beach Can I Get for $523?

Mexico is a big country, so trying to figure out where to live is not easy. There is literally something for everyone. It often comes down to budget and what is your must have amenity (for me – it´s the beach!). To search there are a number of Spanish language websites which advertise rentals. They … Read more

Chrome Extensions for Spanish – My Top 3!

Extensions for Spanish

What are extensions? They are helpful, free programs which you download from the Google Web store. You can access them through your Chrome browser either next to the address bar or through the main menu. Think of extensions as apps for your computer. There are many programs available – but these are my favorites to … Read more

Pick Up Spanish Vocab with Real Websites

Do you need to increase your Spanish vocabulary but have little time to do it? Or looking for industry specific words and phrases? Try using these Spanish language websites.

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