Learn a Language at Home (Literally!)

LANGUAGES START AT HOME I have a bone to pick with all of the foreign language materials available. Really – with all of them. Textbooks, APPs, immersion programs, you name it. Why do they all begin with words like ¨climb mountains¨ and sentences such as ¨The cat is in the tree.¨? Do you know how … Read more

Your First Spanish Lesson, on Us

Congratulations on your decision to learn Spanish. This lesson is available for independent study. It should take about 90 minutes to complete. But, don´t try to do it all in one sitting. Ideally, you should come back 3-4 times to practice over the course of a few days. HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL WITH THIS, AND … Read more

Spanish Game: Play Jeopardary Online, in RT

Are you looking for something fun and interactive for your students? Without all of the set-up, printing, and paper waste? Then, make an online Jeopardy game! This can be adapted to fit any age, level or topic easily. I use it for my middle and high school Spanish students, as well as adults. Bonus: If … Read more

Fun Spanish Games for Places Around Town

To begin, let´s practice the vocabulary for places that are in a city or town. Usually, when you learn about the city, it´s a good time to also practice using prepositions of place to say where things are located. So, these activities will help you practice those. START THE FIRST IN THE CITY ACTIVITY Now … Read more

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