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What is Beelingual?
Beelingual is an online marketplace for bilingual (English and Spanish) classes, courses, and educational materials.

Who can sell on Beelingual?
Any bilingual teacher, course creator, or author is welcome to join us. No restrictions on residency or native languages.

What can I sell?
You can list and sell any type of live class, online (not-live) course, and individual or bundled lessons, activities, or courses (videos, Google Slides and other eLearning activities, videos, audios, lesson plans, clip art, etc.).

We plan to offer physical products as well to sellers who are interested. The only restriction is that you have to list both the English and Spanish versions. You are free to list only 1 type of resource or all of them.

Why do I need to list everything in both languages?
Our marketplace is targeted towards bilingual families, dual-language schools, and other programs that promote both native and second language development. Producing bilingual material lets families and teachers choose either or both versions, depending on their current needs.

Examples of our customers are:
✅ Parents who are raising bilingual children
✅English/Spanish language learners and teachers
✅Homeschooling families
✅Multicultural families
✅Dual-language programs
✅Bilingual schools
✅Academic counselors/support

How do I apply?
No application is necessary. Just make your instructor account and begin listing products.

How much can I make?
You are free to set your own prices. Beelingual takes a 25% commission in exchange for the use of our learning management system (LMS), platform, marketing, and handling of payments.

📌 We have several promotions to offer 10% commission to reward the top 10% of teachers and creators each month: including top selling, top rated, and highest student retention.

How do I get paid?
Payments are via PayPal, once every 2 weeks (minimum $25 payout). Beelingual covers the PayPal fees.

Do I have to pay taxes?
All creators are considering to be self-employed and must follow their local laws with regards to taxes and business licenses, insurance, etc. For tax purposes, Beelingual is owned and operated by Viva Online, LLC, which is based in Florida, in the United States.

Is there training?
At this time, no formal training is offered. There is a message board available for creators to exchange ideas and offer advice. Templates are available for your product descriptions as a recommendation only.

Additional websites, resources, and software to carry out classes are also recommended, as well as the use of our LMS at no additional cost to you. But you are responsible for creating and carrying out your own classes/courses.

⚠️Note: You cannot list products that are carried out on another online marketplace’s infrastructure. I.e. Outschool, Udemy

❓Are other languages pairs available?
Not at this time. But we hope to offer English/Chinese, English/Russian, English/French and others as soon as possible.

❓Where can I ask questions?
Visit the forums for topics related to teaching, authoring, and enrolling. Email us directly for any other inquiries at:

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