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El Buen Fin (English: the good weekend) is Mexico´s version of Black Friday. Of course, nothing comes close to an American Black Friday. But, this year, el Buen Fin is November 15th to the 18th. This happens to be our daughter´s 3rd birthday (today!). In order to celebrate, we are giving away our best material. You can find out newest Spanish language workbook on Amazon. Now, The Everyday Spanish Workbook: Language for Immediate Use is completely free all weekend long.


First of all, the workbook sample starts from scratch for beginner Spanish students. It is appropriate for teens to adult. Students 8-12 years old would benefit from the book with guidance from an adult. In addition, students have access to supplemental online materials. These are available to help them if needed. This includes 13 videos for topic #1. There are 6 instructional videos totaling half an hour, including 2 on present tense verb conjugation. Additionally, there are 7 listening audios for pronunciation and comprehension. If you are curious, you can access the supplemental content here.


To begin, this workbook is for students from ages 12 through adult. This book is ideal for students who need to use the Spanish language as quickly as possible. Or for ones who are highly motivated to learn. It is perfect for homeschoolers, high school and university students, travellers, expats, bilingual families, and working professionals.

The themes are centered around the student´s life. For example, family, house, and city. This is for students to see the most useful day to day language possible. Then, they can put the language to use right away. Furthermore, we wanted to create a workbook that gives students the freedom to work independently. This book provides that opportunity. But, it can also be utilized in a classroom or group setting.

Apart from the vocabulary, grammar exercises, and verb conjugation found within the workbook, we have also included:

  • Instructional videos
  • Audios for pronunciation practice and
  • Listening comprehensions
  • Fillable templates
  • Role-plays for speaking practice
  • Authentic activities that use Spanish-language resources and websites
  • Answer keys for all the exercises in each topic

So, all of the resources are at your disposal! Start learning and using Spanish today!

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